Safe Money Accounts

How can “Safe Money Accounts” protect me?

Are you considering an annuity for your retirement budget strategy? Annuities have gained in popularity over the last few years thanks to their conservative, low risk approach to financial budgeting for retirees.

Today’s retirees often find themselves in a predicament of uncomfortable living on lower returns from a conservative investment like CD’s out of fear of putting hard-earned principal at risk in the current market environment.

Many are drawn to CD’s as conservative savings vehicles because of simplicity and the FDIC insurance provided. The returns, however, often leave much to be desired—especially when these returns are being used to supplement retirement income. On the other end of the spectrum, more aggressive investors may look to the market’s unlimited upside potential. But, participation in the stock market as well as mutual funds and most variable annuities places vital retirement assets at a risk of 100% loss. A fixed indexed annuity provides the best of both worlds: the absolute safety of a CD combined with the upside potential of the market.

Make sure your financial foundation is guaranteed to never lose money. Earn MORE interest than a bank account without risk. Quit paying taxes every year on earned interest.

It’s all possible with Fixed or Fixed-Index annuities! All of the Annuities offered by Key Financial Group provide:

  • Option to create a lifetime guaranteed income stream
  • Fixed rates of return
  • Taxes on gains deferred until the investor decides to withdraw the funds
  • Tax-deferred growth potential (COMPOUNDED INTEREST) allows savings to accumulate faster than in a taxable account
  • Contributions are virtually unlimited—IRA/401(k) contribution limits do not apply to annuities
  • Creditor protection – many states protect annuities from garnishments or seizures
  • Protection from Probate proceedings
  • NO minimum required distribution at age 70 1/2 , if funded with non-qualified monies
  • NO fees or charges like mutual funds or variable annuities
  • NO market risk—your money is guaranteed by some of the largest insurance companies in the world.

your annuity may have a limited free withdrawal feature. That lets you make one or more withdrawals without a charge. The size of the free withdrawal is often limited to set percentage of your contract value. If you make a larger withdrawal, you may pay withdrawal charges. You may lose interest above the minimum guaranteed rate on the amount withdrawn. Some annuities waive withdrawal charge in certain situations, such as death, confinement in a nursing home or terminal illness.